Some Frequently Asked Questions include the following.  We would also be most pleased to answer any other queries by phoning us on 03 9917 2803.

Do you pick up and deliver? Yes, we offer both pick-up and delivery service, and we are very experienced in dealing with the transport of antiques and fine furniture. We are also able to send our craftsman to work on-site as required.

Can I obtain a restoration quote by sending you a picture? Yes, we can quickly provide you with a written quotation from a photo sent to our email address. We ask customers to provide us with two or three good photos. Always include a photo of the whole item not just close ups.  On rare occasions it may be necessary for us to view the piece to give most accurate quote.

Do you do restoration work with furniture other than antiques?   Yes, but only if it is a quality solid and well made piece of furniture, normally a reproduction or classic style. With furniture that is other than antique we would have to see a photo first. We welcome any inquiry you may have.

Can you give a rough ball park quote over the phone? Yes, but a picture speaks a thousand words. Some people like to send the picture to us first and follow up with a phone call.

I need furniture custom made, where do I start? The best way to start is by making an appointment and to sit down with furniture designer to discuss your furniture needs & requirements. Sometimes sending pictures, plans or dimensions prior to the meeting can be an advantage. We can then personally help you design create your desired piece.

We need our dining chairs recovered, do you do this? Yes, dining table and chair restoration is our most popular restoration and so reupholstering and recovering your dining chairs with new fabric is something we do regularly.

How long does it take to have furniture restored? This always depends on our workload at the time. We are normally booked out at least 2 weeks in advance and most restoration and repair jobs range between 2 days and 3 weeks to complete. As soon as you’re serious about going ahead we put your name and job on the board and give you pick up dates and turn around time.

Can you stain my new dining chairs to match our existing table? Yes, we can colour match polish the exposed timber to your table exactly.

Do we have to make an appointment to see you? Yes, because if you turn up out of the blue we may be in the middle of a job and unable to stop to talk to you and your trip is wasted. We can however work around you when we know when you’re coming or we can arrange to visit you.

What are your business hours? Monday to Thursday 8am to 4pm, Friday 8am to 2pm and Saturday mornings (by appointment).

Do you do insurance work? Yes, and we can provide you with a quotation from a photo as well.

Do you charge for quotations? No, all quotations are free of charge. We can also provide pre-purchase advice.

Do you supply shops? No, but we do supply designers and decorators from time to time. Most of the work we do is for the general public.

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